"Do you remember...Watch  With Mother, The Rock ‘n’ Roll Revolution,  The Coronation, Teddy Boys, The Sputnik Launch & Jiving Your Socks Off?  Then you’re a child of the 1950’s and this box is for you."


Jelly Babies, Everton Mints, Coconut Mushrooms, Pear Drops, Liquorice Comfits, Wine Gums, Dolly Mixtures, Barley Sugar, Sherbet Lemons, Liquorice Allsorts, Walnut Whip and a Sugar Mouse.  Each variety is individually packed and labelled and then gift boxed in our unique decade boxes.  Each box is covered in nostalgic photos plus there's a brief history of sweets.

Sweet Memories from the 1950's Decade Box

£12.50 plus shipping

The picture below is for illustration only, please refer to the individual content descriptions for a full list of the sweets contained within each decade box.