"Do you remember...gramophone records, candlestick telephones and art deco? Do you remember the triumphs of Amelia Earhart and Jesse Owens, the Hindenburg disaster and Hitler's rise to power?  Then you're a child of the 1930s and this box is for you!"


Cadburys Dairy Milk, Sherbet Fountain,  Liquorice Stick, Cinder Toffee,  Turkish Delight, Aniseed Balls, Jelly Babies, Butterscotch, Humbugs, Toffees, Blackcurrant & Liquorice, Pontefract Cakes and Cough Candy.  Each variety is individually packed and labelled and then gift boxed in our unique decade boxes.  Each box is covered in nostalgic photos plus there's a brief history of sweets.

Sweet Memories from the 1930's Decade Box

£12.50 plus shipping

The picture below is for illustration only, please refer to the individual content descriptions for a full list of the sweets contained within each decade box.